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How Do We Define Cultural Appropriation?


Added on Sep 27, 2017

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How Do We Define Cultural Appropriation? covers 'Whoopi Golberg's' controversial comments on 'The View' that black women who wear weave are culture appropriating white culture, Marc Jacob's Fall fashion show 2016 which featured models with dreadlocks and MTV UK calling conrows, 'boxer braids'. The purpose of this documentary is to highlight the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. There is nothing wrong with men and women from different cultures having hairstyles commonly used by Black or Asian men and women. It becomes a problem when it is being called something else.

Channels: Black History   Education & Instructional   Documentary Film   Short Films  

Tags: Cultural  Appropriation  Kylie  Jenner  Fake  Lips  Fake  Bums  Weaves  Weave  Whoopi  Goldberg  The  View  Kim  Kardashian  Boxer  Braids   


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