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Black Animation Needs YOU! THANKS BAN FAM!


Added on Nov 13, 2012

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Black Animation Net on You Tube! Something for EVERYONE! The Resource for the Art, the News and the Study of Black Animation WORLDWIDE! SUB Your Support! Welcome to Black Animation Net on You Tube! If you have a question about why a channel's featuring African American Animators and/or African American themes and/or anything else that inspires, entertains and teaches people of all races and creeds...Well, here goes the short version: Try doing a search for "...Famous African American Animators" and the list of "African American Animated Characters" doesn't look much better. WARNING: Block-out a large chunk of your day to do this. That's really the long and (unfortunately) short of it. This collection of animations and artistic inspirations gives no doubt that your search for "...Famous African American Animators" very soon will only take a second the next time you try it. Of course, this channel has something for EVERYBODY: Comedy, Drama, Social Issues, Public Service Announcements, Science, Technology, Religion, Children and Mature features, but it is definitely and never will be exclusive to anyone. All are welcome and all are included. Animation is one of the most free forms of communication on the planet and this channel is for you. If this channel's not your thing - SUBSCRIBE, support and celebrate the featured artists on their channels. It's a good thing. Thank you, enjoy and just do the thing! (Parents please be advised: All animation on this channel is not for younger viewers.)

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