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People Get Ready - (Tears No Fears Remix) HD


Added on Nov 13, 2012

Length: 05:09 | Comments: 0 - Only those who've been through something can offer anything to someone else. A poem written for a friend. Have Tears - No Fear by Harlem Renaissance Like truncheon rains to ravished yet fertile fields - that penetrate our being and invent irrigation to replenish our spirit - there's strength there in the harvest even before the time it substantiates. - Just knowing there's no need for shelter or retreat from these tracks traveled. - There could be no fear in what feeds our humanity and validates the soul. - It's been said that only soil profoundly moved nurtures the seed that grows and gives new life. - Can this also mean that from this teary ground our very being is reborn again and again? - And whether lost seedlings find us by a passing trains vibration or the winds - we will always be the givers who have humbling received these graceful tears. - John Kennedy McCray

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