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Nicki Minaj Wanna Beez in Da Real Trap Official Video


Added on Nov 13, 2012

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The Trap Defined for Nicki Minaj and those who still don't ain't cute. Nobody wants to be in a REAL "Trap" so why celebrate that kind of Hell that REAL people have to face everyday? Something to explain a "REAL" Trap through blog quotes. "That is what the crack whore is for... For a hit, you can practice ... Don't be confused: Trap Houses and Drug Houses are the same thing." - Blog Quote directed to Nicki Minaj "Beez in da Trap" Trap House Blog Definitions: Term used to define a crack house, or the surroundings in which a drug dealer or (trap star) would use to make their profit. Also refereed to as "up tha way". "I made a 100 thou' in my trap house,---trappa's goin' in trappa's comin' out..."- Gucci Mane "The place you don't really want to be at, but always end up going there to get f**ked up." "Area or house usually and frequently occupied by drug dealers/ drug users. In most cases the top floor apartment buildings in Somerset serve as good examples of trap-houses because of their constant attraction to high school students and/ or college students looking for drugs, the massive amounts of drugs and money flowing through exclusively seen by the respective family's of said house, and the characteristic single door (only one way in and one way out)." Trap hop A sub genre of main stream hip hop in which rappers boast about their drug dealing or former drug dealing vocation in verses thus glorifying the drug trade. More often than not trap hop often makes references to the lucrative coke trade Most trap hoppers are southern rappers, see Young Jeezy, T.I, Rick Ross. others that rap about the drug trade (some even before the genre was established) are The Notorious B.I.G, Ghost Face Killah, The Clipse (with their latest album) and so on. trap hoppers don't necessarily rap about drug dealing all of the time but the majority of there music does make references to it. examples of trap hop songs are: 10 crack Commandments - The Notorious B.I.G. Kilo - Ghostface Killah, Raekwon Hustlin - Rick Ross Thug Motivation 101 - Young Jeezy Subscribe / S'abonner / Abonnieren / ????????????? / ??????? / ?????????

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