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African American Pressure Point Grappling-African Kimarekani Mkazo Ncha Shikana


Added on Nov 13, 2012

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The Grappling style of the African American Martial Art of Ya or Kwa Asilia A Vita Sanaa is called African Kimarekani Mkazo Ncha Shikana (African American Pressure Point Grappling) or Martin Luther King Jr. Movements. During the 1960's Martin Luther King Jr. and others used a passive or non-resistance strategy to combat the unfair and sometimes deadly violent conditions of Black Americans imposed on them by America, Grandmaster Rogers founder of Kwa Asilia A Vita Sanaa has found this strategy to be synonymous to that used in the grappling found in ancient Africa on Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 4000 BC. And the 1880's Japanese creation of Jigaro Kano's Judo. It is for this reason that his pressure point grappling system is also referred to as Martin Luther King Jr. Movements. In Honor of Dr. King!!! African American Shadow Boxing (School of Mixed Martial Arts)

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