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Garden Girl TV: How to Shear a Rabbit for spinning and knitting angora yarn


Added on Nov 13, 2012

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Patti the Garden Girl shears one of her angora rabbits, in preparation for making a baby hat. Read the companion article here: For more visit and FULL TEXT: How to Shear a Rabbit (Music Playing) Today, I am going to show you how I go from rabbit to baby hat. And, I am going to start off by shearing one of my giant German angora rabbits. Now, this guy right here, he is a buck and he was born here. He is about 10 months old and I have sheared him before but he is a little bit nervous right now and a little bit skittish so, I am going to spent a little time petting him and I am also going to start brushing him a little bit too. I am just going to take some time here right now to just get rid of all the matts that I can. And, this is basically clipping all of the matted hair that really is not going to be useable at all, and I am just going to start there. Now, I love knitting and I love spinning and I love doing it when I have a specific person in mind. So today, I am going to take all of the angora from my buck here and I am going to spin it into some yarn that I am going to make into a small baby hat. And, it is going to be for Paulo who is my neighbor, my new neighbor. He is 6 months old yesterday. And, since winter was coming near, I am going to make him a hat that is going to keep him super extra warm this winter. Okay, so I am just brushing my buck angora out right now. And, I am going to pick a place to start shearing him. Now, the angora wool is actually 7 times warmer than sheeps wool. So, it is a super, super ultra warm fiber. And actually, a lot of mountain climbers used it that are going to climb in extreme conditions. They have thermal underwear that is made out of angora. So, it is really super warm. It does really well when you blend it with different types of fibers so, a little bit of angora actually does go along way. The scissors that I am using here, these are Fiskars Scissors. They are the best kind of scissors actually to use for this process. They are fabric shears. These are the kinds that you want to use in. You also want to make sure that when you get these scissors that you get a sharpener with it. Got that Fiskars sharpener, So, you want to make sure that your scissors are sharp as they can be. So, you definitely when you get the scissors, you got to get that too. This is absolutely useable and check this out. Check out how awesome is this. I can just take it from here, (Demo) And I can just - something in here. (Music Playing) And then, I am doing that new shape. It is just working perfectly! (Mumbling words) There you go. There you go, I am pretty much done with this rabbit and, I just have a little bit more there I am going to do. I am just going to clean it up a little bit and cut his toe nails and just make him look a little bit prettier. But, after I do that, I am going to show you how to take the angora wool, card it and spin it into usable yarn and then, I am going to make a little baby hat for my neighbor, Powell.

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