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2 Self-Taught BLACK DOCTOR's who became the "BEST" in their field


Added on Nov 13, 2012

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On this video I focus on a couple of doctors who greatly exceeded expectations and became the best of the best at what they did. I selected these 2 not because they are black but because their stories are unique inasmuch as they faced greater obstacles and challenges than most, came out of poverty and defied all odds. There stories are stories of hope, faith; determination; desire; devotion; dedication and hard work. There stories should be an inspiration to all. I tried to keep the vid at 5 minutes so therefore it's not possible for this video to do justice to their stories. Both Drs Ben Carson and Vivien Thomas are examples of self-education exceeding formal education. Now in the case of Dr Ben Carson, although he was in fact formally educated, unlike Vivien Thomas, he found that he could learn best by teaching himself and reading and studying the material on his own. He found that the lectures were boring and a distraction to the modality of learning that worked best for him so at some point he stopped attending them. Unfortunately many educators have not learned or studied the fact that there are various "modalities of learning" and some students just do not learn well under a standard modality or the one your prefer and learn best when allowed the freedom to self-educate using the material that is placed before them at their own pace. If doesn't matter if they learn this way at a slower pace or at a faster pace (either could be true). What matters is that students should be given the opportunity to learn how they learn best. Many people including notables like Albert Einstein did very poorly in school and Albert Einstein was actually considered "educationally mentally retarded". In fact, Albert Einstein still could not read at the age of eight and his teachers thought he was mentally or educ ably (there is a difference) retarded. I hope that this video will encourage any who need encouragement. If nothing else, check out the movie or the book GIFTED HANDS which are about Dr. Ben Carson's life and success. Also check out the movie "Something The Lord Made" which is about Vivien Thomas and his major contributions to the field of surgery. Both inspirational and both excellent movies. Now before you embarrass yourself trying to criticize my assertions or title let me clarify something; "self taught" does not mean that you do not learn from others. It is impossible to learn and not learn from others,. It means that in the case of both these gentlemen they were proactive in their education, took responsibility to set their own curriculum and took the knowledge far beyond what was fed to them. Far too many students are passive learners and passive learners seldom take knowledge beyond that of whomever fed the knowledge to them. In other words, they only read what they are required to read, they only study what they are required to study and their entire focus is on getting a grade or passing a test rather than truly grasping or mastering the subject at hand. Big difference. - As usual... I am here to counter the myths; lies; presumptions; ASSumptions; delusions; fabrications; and intent of those who would deny knowledge of self and truth to your detriment and for their betterment and the maintenance of this idea of supremacy. I encourage you to study and to know that which is not commonly known. Do not depend upon anyone else to teach it to you. They won't. You have to take on that task yourself and be diligent about it. Once you discover important truth you must then either share it and/or do something with it or you just wasted your valuable time for naught.

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