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MAATKARA trailer 1


Added on Apr 20, 2014

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In the beginning Goddess Nut gave birth to God Ra. Ra, in turn, gave form to all existence through the power of his utterance. With all created the gods bestowed their blessings upon humankind. The first of these paradises was called Ta'wah. Humanity was given wisdom and creativity. The Earth in turn was given the power of regeneration. Humankind flourished under the banner of prosperity. This would become known as the first era, Heru-em-pet, also called the age of coming forth by day. In what was to become the second era, there arose to powerful spirits, Ast a beautiful queen who could captivate an entire army by her presence and her lover Ausar a wise and powerful king from the interior of Afrika. Together they influenced all other cultures and civilizations speading wisdom and understanding throughout all four corners of the world. Ausar called this new empire Ta-Kemit. From their thrones they ushered in an even greater time of peace and prosperity. Eventually they bore a son, Ast named him Heru. Heru was trained as a warrior and led the army of his father to great victory against any who rose to challenge the empire. Over time it seemed none would stand to ever challenge the kingdom of the enlightened. But there were those who grew jealous. Warlords in distant lands sought the power of Ast and Ausar. Ausar had a brother named Set. Set mastered the spheres of war and chaos. Amere general in the barren land of Amenta he became a powerful force uniting other envious lords through his growing spheres of influence. Set plotted to kill Ausar and scatter his body to the four corners of the Earth. The plan was set in motion. Meanwhile Ausar commissioned his grand vizier Khepra-Ahmen to devise a plan to protect forever the sciences and culture of the then vibrant and flourishing civilization.

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