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MAATKARA trailer 2


Added on Apr 20, 2014

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With the blessing of Ausar and Ast the grand vizier created a new civilization deep beneath the Earth (misunderstood as lower-Kemit by modern scholars). Khepra Ahmen only selected the most talented and brightest individuals from various corners of the empire. These few individuals would start the civilization anew. Once the people descended in to the new world called Ta-Neter it was sealed off never to be disturbed. The story of this lost tribe transformed. The story is referred to as the great flood where Moses selected 2 of every species to repopulate the Earth. Set threw a great celebration for his brother in honor of the accomplishment. In the midst of the party Set murdered his brother and took his wife as his own. Set then unleashed his Esfet armies upon Ta-kemit. Success was swift and his ascension seemed unchallenged. The blood of Ausar ran through the streets and deep into the earth. Ast wept for her lover unable to aid him. Sets claim of dominion in his brothers absence casts a dark shadow upon all the lands. Chaos spread quickly and all that was in peace and balance fell into anarchy and ruin. Wars ravaged the lands and mankind spread anger and hatred. News of his fathers death came quickly to Heru who quickly turned his armies back to the capital. There he would meet his uncle in a legendary battle that would be told in stories for thousands of years to come. The armies would meet in the valley of Nesut. There the young warrior led the final battle against set. It was a war that raged on for years. Eventually, with the help of the gods, Heru defeated his mighty uncle Set, imprisoning him for an eternity. But nothing can last forever, for all things transform, and it would seem even Set would be free again. It is said that Ast and Heru eventually descended into Lower Kemit. There they discovered a priestess who had collected the blood of Ausar as in descended into the earth. Through his blood Ast and Heru were able to bring Ausar back to life. Set swore vengeance and has plotted for millennia against Heru and Ta-Neter for giving him asylum. The young priestess Maat would be born into the 323 generation of warrior priestesses in the ancient world known as Ta-Neter. Though, as fate would have it her true identity would be hidden from her and thus her destiny, until foretold events awaken what lay dormant for 8000 years. The epic saga of the Kemetic people and their transformation into the futuristic civilization paralleled by the outer-world Networq lays the backdrop for the condensed 1st season story of Maatkara.

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