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Supernatural Thriller - Hysteria - Uncut Version!


Added on Dec 31, 2014

Length: 21:06 | Comments: 0

A weary, distraught detective tells his psychiatrist about his encounters with the supernatural and its possible link to a series of murders. However, the psychiatrist must determined if these encounters are based on reality or the product of a distorted mind. The truth will haunt both men forever. Written and directed by Gerald G. Haynes *Special Note - There's another version of my film which was been broken up into two parts because of an earlier Youtube policy. That version was posted several years ago and was uploaded by another Youtube user. In February of this year, I was able to upload a complete uninterrupted version with better quality. I'm posting this for people who may be curious about the difference between the two.

Channels: Science Fiction   Horror Movies   Short Films  

Tags: Supernatural  Thriller  -  Hysteria  -  Uncut  Version! 


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